Your data, meet GenAI

Mixlayer is the ultimate backend for reliable AI apps.

Build and deploy a flexible backend for AI apps in minutes. Mixlayer helps you transform your data into an AI-ready databaseโ€”and maintain control along the way.

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One stop shop for AI data

Mixlayer is the complete, serverless platform to power AI apps you and your customers can rely on. We take care of backend integration and leave the fun part to you.

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    Transform and optimize your JSON files, documents, markdown files and more for AI. Define your dataflow in Rust using the Mixlayer framework.

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    Experiment with the best ways to integrate LLMs into your app with Mixlayer's workbench guiding you. See how data flows through your system and diagnose issues using our observability stack.

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    Take advantage of our built-in GraphQL datastore complete with semantic and keyword search. Easily integrate into upstream pipelines and chat applications, including OpenAI assistants.

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    Instantly deploy your dataflows and GraphQL databases to the Mixlayer cloud. Re-run your dataflows on-demand to keep your data fresh.

A faster foundation

Slash the time to deploy a high-quality backend for your AI apps. Mixlayer is your shortcut to launching AI apps people will actually want to use.

A pre-integrated stack allows you to build faster and skip interoperability and deployment headaches.
Designed from the ground up for fsat response times that will keep your customers engaged.
Our framework helps you deploy faster without sacrificing quality.
Intuitive local tooling, simple GraphQL interface and open source starters maximize your productivity.

See what you can build with Mixlayer.

Weโ€™re now accepting applicants for our beta program.